Going With Granite Is Akin To Dining With The Gods

The imaginative expression recalls a time in Greek history where the myths of the gods were, in fact, reality. Well, that depends on what you make of the culture. More to the point of this article perhaps is the architecture for which the Greeks were well and truly legend. Granite or marble, it makes no difference, many of those historic monoliths are still standing. This is after a couple of thousand years wear or tear, give or take.

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And that’s putting it mildly, because have you any idea how many wars and earthquakes the ancient Greeks endured back then. And let’s not forget modern history and all the vagaries of today’s high pollution levels that can damage urban structures, both external and internal. Speaking of which, if such granite structures exposed to all over a couple of thousand years are still standing today, just think how long the results of your granite countertops St Louis installation could last.

You could test the longevity with marble, if that’s your preference, but do you know what, they say granite is bigger and better. They’re a lot stronger than all other stone or rock surfaces. Also, they’re very practical for the kitchen, because no knives or metal pots and pans or heavy crockery can damage these surfaces. And another thing, once you’ve had your fill of kitchen preparations, you’ll look forward to your mop up operations.

Because that’s so easy to do now. Cleaning granite surfaces are conveniently easy. No hard work involved and when you return to your kitchen the next morning, you’ll notice just how well this focal point of your kitchen is still gleaming. As to the expense, it’s well worth the outlay, given the material’s likely lifespan. 

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